A Career in the Non-Profit Sector

The non-profit sector is a dynamic, vibrant, and meaningful workplace. Whether your favourite field is social services, health care, the environment, art and culture or any other intermediate field, there are countless career opportunities for people who share that same vision: making a difference.

Lately, the non-profit sector has grown both in terms of the number of organizations operating worldwide and the proportion of employees working under their respective banners. The benefits of working in the non-profit sector often go beyond traditional financial assistance, medical services or other charitable activities. They allow individuals to live with purpose, practice their craft with passion, and give back to local or international communities.

Many environmental associations have been established in Canada. Examples include Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd, both of which were established in Vancouver.

Candidate Profile

Our internships are designed to develop your skills in areas such as policy development, program development and operations. Your passion for helping others will be channelled by business organizations, social change organizations or hospitals. In each of these scenarios, you will produce positive change for yourself and for the world.

  • All profiles wishing to get involved are welcome
  • Language: French, English, or other(s)
Mandates and responsibilities may include:
  • Manage all social media accounts and create promotional materials to expand the organization's outreach efforts.
  • Help with fundraising campaigns and events.
  • Research, writing, and grant applications.
  • Policy development.
  • Program Development and Operations Management.

Internships in NGOs/NPOs are very rarely paid.