Internships in Canada


An authentic north-american experience

An internship in Canada will enable you to stand out from the crowd with an authentic North American work experience. An international internship will add a unique experience to your CV that will set you apart in an increasingly globalized job market. Canada's blend of North American and European work methodologies will enable you to acquire new skills and evolve in a challenging environment. Our program is specially designed for students who are looking for an irreplaceable experience, but who are also keen to discover new cultures. During your experience, you'll be supported by our teams and join other interns on the program, enabling you to build a powerful international network.

On a personal level, you'll meet students from all over the world. Together, you'll share a new experience in a new country that will help you forge strong, lasting bonds.

On a professional level, you'll have the opportunity to develop your network during your internship by working alongside recognized professionals who are experts in their field. Whatever your future career plans, developing international contacts is a key element of success.

Our program

The Canadian internship can also become a stepping stone to pursuing your career in Canada or to enrolling in one of the numerous internationally renowned Canadian universities. Come live an unforgettable experience by our side and discover all the wonders that Canada has to offer ! Services included in the EIC program :
  • Professional internship
  • Housing
  • Work visa assistance
  • Full support from local EIC teams
  • Coaching sessions
  • English lessons (optional)
  • Seminars and workplace training
  • Access to an international network of contacts
  • Airport welcoming service
  • Social & cultural events
  • MBTI personality test
  • French lessons (optional)

The advantages

1. Develop Your Professional Skills

An internship in Canada will allow you to put all the skills you have acquired during your academic career into practice. School training is essential, but an experience abroad is equally important as it will allow you to stand out from your peers in the eyes of your future employers. Your internship will enable you to acquire practical experience and provide you with the opportunity to evolve in a new working environment.

2. Professional Experience

A professional experience in Canada is an ideal way to increase the value of your CV. You will be given the opportunity to integrate a company in the field of your choice and accomplish several mandates in a work setting conducive to learning. The EIC program is designed to offer multiple tiers of mandates within the company of your choice for you to evolve during the internship, as you gain experience.

3. Expand Your Industry Knowledge

When joining the ranks of a company, you will interact with employees, management, and clients and understand the company’s core values and work ethics. Your internship will allow you to showcase your abilities and will place you in an excellent position to seek lucrative employment with that same employer or any similar enterprise once the internship is completed. Management is far more inclined to retain existing employees that have already adopted company values rather than start the recruitment process once more.

4. A Step Forward For Your Future Career

Practice makes perfect! As an experienced candidate, you are much more likely to be selected amongst a pool of applicants for a future job. In fact, an overwhelming majority of employers prefer candidates with relevant working experience, even for entry-level jobs. You will have already flattened the learning curve and will require less ramp-up upon your entry into the labour market. Additionally, the experience gained during an internship on an international level will give you a step-up on the competition.

5. International Networking

Always be mindful that personal relations are paramount! Business, contracts, and deals are signed by people, not by companies. Our program will enable you to meet and work alongside several professionals, including:

  1. Personnel at your workplace
  2. Other EIC interns
  3. International students in your campus residence

One of the advantages of this program is that you will never feel far from friends and family, even if you are oceans apart! Between the friends from the campus residence, other interns in the program, and work colleagues, there will always be opportunities to build lasting business and personal relationships.

6. Operate in a Professional Setting

The workplace environment can be very different from a college or university setting. There are different challenges when integrating an established corporation versus a tech start-up: as a candidate, you must adapt and align with the values and people depending on the company you select. This process can be even more challenging when considering the intricacies of a multicultural working environment such as the Canadian workplace.

We have aligned our program to offer mandates that meet both the expectations of the candidate as well as the potential employer, to offer an optimal working environment for both parties. Our goal is to transform you into a professional that can identify and navigate these intricacies with ease and adapt to any workplace on an international scale.

7. Choose a Career Path That Was Made For You

An internship is an excellent way to test whether an industry, sector, enterprise, city, or country is made for you.

Starting from the first interview all the way through the practical experience, including the personality test and debriefing sessions with your coach, our program is the perfect tool to unlock your full potential!

8. Introduction to Canada

You can trust our experts to guide you through the discovery of this beautiful country and its culture. Rely on us on a personal and professional level to support you during the entire process. Your internship will have paved the way for numerous opportunities across Canada. Whether you choose to continue working for your employer, move on to another company, or decide to enroll into a Canadian university, your internship offers you endless possibilities.

9. Safety First

EIC takes the safety of all its employees, interns, and partners as a priority. The employers offering the internships are kept to the highest health standards as directed by Health Canada and the Provincial health authorities. Rest assured that all sanitary measures have been implemented on campus, and that all employers are following the correct protocol.

Feel at home!


Amazing Downtown Accomodations!

Our apartments are in downtown student residences, and include:

  • Fully furnished rooms with double bed, desk, TV, and storage space (private or shared)
  • Shared kitchen and common living areas
  • High-speed optical fiber internet

In-residence amenities :

  • Gym with 24/7 access
  • Common quiet areas for studying
  • Home theatre room
  • Spacious common areas with pool tables and ping-pong tables
  • 24/7 front-desk and security

Take advantage and participate to all the activities offered:

  • Monthly events offered by the student residence or campus
  • Events offered by EIC for all program participants
  • Events with your employer
  • Cultural and social events offered by the city

Placement Guarantee

Program Fees

EIC is committed to giving interns the opportunity to choose: if the available internships do not match the candidate’s first or second choice, we will provide a full refund.

Toronto€ 5,355€ 7,035€ 8,715€ 10,395€ 12,075English
Montreal€ 4,315€ 5,475€ 6,635€ 7,795€ 8,955English - French
Vancouver€ 5,835€ 7,755€ 9,675€ 11,595€ 13,515English
Ottawa€ 4,011€ 5,019€ 6,027€ 7,035€ 8,043English - French
Quebec€ 4,155€ 5,235€ 6,315€ 7,395€ 8,475French
Calgary€ 4,035€ 5,055€ 6,075€ 7,095€ 8,115English
(prices may vary depending on the type of accommodation selected)
A simplified solution which includes internship placement and visa assistance is available for 2 850 €.

A Dedicated Team to Guide You

Visa assistance

Starting a new job in a foreign country can be challenging from a legal and administrative perspective: with no assistance, getting a visa can be long and tedious.

That is why EIC has a team specifically dedicated to guiding you all the way long, to make the process as easy as possible. Each intern has direct access to our legal and immigration experts. They are there to provide guidance in a constantly changing reality.

Admissibility to the Work and Travel Visa

All applications are online-based and cost approximately 156 Canadian dollars; delays can vary from one applicant to another. This type of visa is valid for the entirety of the internship program, up to a maximum of 12 months. Visa applications must be made immediately upon acceptance into the internship program. US citizens may participate in the Work & Holiday program and can thus be eligible to obtain an open-ended working permit once the application is complete.

*** Please note that the Immigration Authority of Canada, (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) (IRCC), has the final say on yearly applications. All accepted participants in the EIC program have equal chances of obtaining this visa, but the group of interns are also subject to the rules and decisions made by the IRCC. If program participants fail to obtain a visa in the year in which they apply, they will have the option of postponing their participation to the following year or request a full refund. ***


Canadian Government

International Co-Op Internship / WHP (Working Holiday)

The Canadian government has established strict criteria for eligible visas for interns, which vary according to your country of origin and the duration of your internship. For more information on eligible visas for interns, please consult the official Canadian government website by clicking here.


Visa criteria

  • Your nationality must be on the following list, which depends on the international treaties signed between Canada and certain countries
  • You must be between 18 and 35
  • Your passport must be valid for the duration of your internship program.
  • Have a clean criminal record by obtaining an official background check
  • Have medical insurance in Canada for at least the duration of your stay
  • You must be able to demonstrate that your support funds are equal to or greater than 2,500 Canadian dollars.

Compensation and participating enterprises

Additional Information

There is no law that prescribes minimum salary for internships in Canada: compensation may vary depending on the industry, employer, and type of occupation. Compensation can include fixed salary, sales commissions, performance bonuses, or a mix thereof. Companies may also offer perquisites, which can include paid transport, subsidized meals, work-related travel, training, seminars, etc. Candidates should bear in mind that monetary compensation for an intern is inevitably tied to the industry & market (e.g., an internship in a NPO is less likely to provide remuneration than a mandate in accounting or finance).

Student Loans & Grants

There are several sources of financing available for candidates applying for an internship to Canada. Depending on the nature of the loan, you may receive financing to cover your living expenses or travel fares. Our team is always in tune with the different types of grants available and will provide candidates with all the necessary information to complete the applications.

Our Partner & EIC Alumni

Previous program candidates have used the internship as a stepping stone to gain employment in some of the top employers of the country. Here are some examples… Unilever, BNP Paribas, Amazon, Accenture, LinkedIn, Société Générale, Netflix, Barclays, PayPal, The Ritz-Carlton

A remote learning placement?

Interested in doing a distance learning placement? Click here!

EIC also offers a remote internship programme for those wishing to gain professional experience while working remotely.
This programme offers great flexibility and allows interns to acquire essential professional skills, even if they are unable to travel to the site.