A Career in Marketing & Advertisement

Advertising and marketing are extremely dynamic and growing sectors. Marketing covers a wide range of actions and is indispensable for any company marketing products or services.

Professionals in the field develop strategic communications between an organization and its consumers. Our marketing internship program puts candidates in positions that will allow them to acquire key skills in the field. We have access to companies of all sizes, as well as the most prestigious marketing or communication agencies.

Candidate Profile

Learn how to use the latest technology, launch advertising campaigns to millions of people, learn the latest trends in data analytics, sales, and customer relationship management.

  • Business school, advertising, marketing training
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills (phone, email, face to face)
  • Enjoy teamwork, taking initiatives, creative spirit
  • Language: French or English
Mandates and responsibilities may include:
  • Acquire technical know-how by publishing content and helping to maintain editorial and online content.
  • Leverage new digital marketing technologies to launch and track digital campaigns.
  • Gain an understanding of the main benefits and features of the product and help promote services.
  • Attend meetings as needed to make contact reports on customer specifications and needs.
  • Analyze customer needs and participate in active brainstorming sessions to find creative ideas about campaigns.
  • Work with managers and directors on strategic planning and development.

Remuneration for this type of career is generally fixed (salary).