A Career in Law

We offer law internships in prestigious law firms for articling students who intend to study law, are currently in law school, or who have recently graduated from a law school.

Our articling students will have the opportunity to work directly with professionals in the sector in a professionalizing and educational environment.

Candidate Profile

During your internship, you will be exposed to various aspects of operations, including client meetings, legal research, and case management.

  • Study of Law
  • Good Interpersonal skills / Writing skills
  • Autonomy / Initiative / Responsiveness / Reliability
  • Language: English or French
Mandates and responsibilities may include:
  • Work and apprenticeship in direct contract with practising lawyers.
  • Consulting work.
  • Managing Client relations.
  • Draft Contracts and agreements.

Remuneration for this type of career is generally fixed (salary).