A Career in Commercial Development and Entrepreneurship

Business development is a combination of strategic analysis, marketing, and sales. Professionals in this field have the mission to find new drivers for the growth of a company, providing solutions to develop the turnover in a direct way (new customers or products) or indirectly (marketing, communication).

Experience in business development shows that you will be ready to take on management functions or even create your own company. Business development integrates with all sectors and companies ranging from B2B to B2C. Our business development internships are aimed at people with an entrepreneurial spirit, able to sell and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a sales cycle.

Candidate Profile

Our internships in business development will help you to enter the international market thanks to all the skills and the network you have acquired.

  • Business school or Engineering, University
  • Independent
  • Oral skills
  • Mastering the basics of trade negotiation
  • Language: English or French
Mandates may include:
  • Portfolio development.
  • Respond to bids and negotiate contracts.
  • Pull growth levers and analyze current and potential client needs.
  • Client acquisition.
  • Focus on growth initiatives.

Remuneration for this type of career can be variable, with a mix of some or all of : fixed salary (depending on role/company), sales-based commission, performance-based bonus.