A Career in Real Estate

The real estate market in Canada is booming and constantly evolving. From commercial to residential real estate, its growth potential has virtually no limits and is an ideal experience for anyone interested in investment, brokerage, analysis, and valuation. We offer internships with several of the oldest real estate companies in the world.

Doing an internship in the field of real estate is one of the most valuable experiences you can get at the beginning of your career.

Candidate Profile

By participating in one of our real estate internships, you will enter directly into the heart of this ultra-dynamic sector, which will allow you to develop your skills and knowledge as well as prepare you for your future career.

  • Business school or real estate studies
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills
  • Master the basics of negotiation
  • Language: French or English
Mandates and responsibilities may include:
  • Commercial development.
  • Ratio analyses.
  • Market analyses.
  • Marketing campaigns.
  • Client relations.

Remuneration for this type of career can be variable, with a mix of some or all of : fixed salary (depending on role/company), sales-based commission, performance-based bonus.