A Career in Scientific Research

Learning is a core value for scientific research, and working alongside inspiring scientists is a major asset.

The field of scientific research is a notoriously competitive sector. Students, at all stages of their academic career, compete for the best internships from one year to the next to stand out.

Candidate Profile

Through our scientific research internships in Canada, you will learn from leading researchers, engineers, and academics. Our scientific internships fall into many categories, including engineering, biotechnology, biomedicine and many more.

  • Engineering school or scientific studies
  • Good synthesis skills
  • Independent and rigorous
  • Language: English or French
Mandates may include:
  • Data gathering and synthesis.
  • Data analytics and case studies.
  • Creating and executing experimental research.
  • Test new technology and analyze results.
  • Sampling and testing.

Remuneration for this type of career is generally fixed (salary).